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The Upside Dash - Gravity Switch Game - World Select Screen

Here's a preview of the Upside Dash world select screen. Each planet selected switches the proceeding levels gravity force and speed, making the levels more challenging depending on the planet's orbit stability.

You'l have to use certain upgrade cards to dash past the terrain at high speed without getting flipped over by the geometry and enemies. Super Heavy Weight is a fantastic card to use in low gravity, especially when mixed with Paper Thin. The Hang Back or Super Sight upgrades will also give you an extra split second to see the obstacles flying towards you in time.

As you get used to each planet's g-force you'l start developing your own best card combinations to tackle each planet's orbit stability, gravity force and speed.

In Upside dash you can already mix and match up to 16 upgrade cards together at the same time to find the ultimate game play functionality that will conquer each world in this light speed gravity switching dash game adventure.

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