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Upside Dash - Game Play Video


Light-Speed Dash Games are on the Rise

Super fast light-speed dash games are on the rise and soon to be in your pocket for free. Upside Dash is really close to it's release on Android, iOS and PC.

This video shows the game at full-speed with a favorite combination of upgrade cards flipped to obtain the ultimate dash combination for tackling high-speed terrain and gravity.

Upgrades used in this video are Paper Thin, Laser Heat Spin, EMP and Super Heavy Weight to allow the most flexible game-play functionality for planets with high G-Force and to ensure vertical movement is snappy enough to dodge the jagged corners that mean game over for our sunny friend on a mission to save the universe.

256 Upgrade Combos

Upside Dash also features many more upgrades that can be mixed together to create up-to 256 different combinations of dash game functionality to ensure the right strategy is always at your fingertips when presented with challenging worlds with varying gravity, speed and orbit stability.

1 Million Parallel Universes

The game includes 8 worlds and 1 million parallel universes which essentially change the level design and terrain structure, making it possible to send universe data to friends and challenge them to new worlds you've found with one touch of a button.

Sound Systems & Camera Styles

Enabling the new Level Lords Sound-Q system ensures all sound effects are fired in time to the music and gems collected create a musical theme to the track tempo. Even find your favorite music tracks throughout the game and switch between them whilst keeping the sounds effects in sync.

Adjust camera styles and speeds with options to look ahead with a predictive camera functionality that guesses where you need to see before you move.

Game-Play & Dash Game Functionality

Challenge yourself with 5 difficulty levels that take the gaming experience from steady and chilled to cheetah fast and insanely intense.

Tackle enemy bosses with missiles and use special cards like Hang Back or Super Sight to help dodge enemies before they steal your gems or push you off the edge. The Insurance 50% card is also available for the times when you've just mixed around 16 upgrades at once, becoming the most powerful dash machine of all time then finding yourself all beat up at first obstacle, It happens!

Special Treats!

So if you're ready to get jet-set and flipped upside down, round and round, inside out and back to front then sign up for updates to get notified as soon as the Upside Dash game comes available on your chosen platform, As early adopters will be getting a little more bang for their free buck which may even include the sun-atomic character at startup along with a few more gems to play with.

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