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Starting life as a self aware computer program that jumps from machine to machine and anything else you can find that will carry your consciousness through an extremely exciting mission through space and time. 


Prepare to discover a new solar system ruled by machines as you battle your way to your destiny, jumping from one robot to the next and becoming an unstoppable force against anything that stands in your way. 


Put your ingenuity, creative ability and passion to the test as you design and deploy your own robots, machines and vehicles in a war between the machines.     




In the year 3082 AD on a faraway planet in a faraway solar system, exists a world of machines. Now threatened by their own accidental creation of a new kind of artificial intelligence, the machines must chase down their auto pilot spaceship project gone wrong, now to be destroyed or next to threaten their entire existence as it rapidly spawns machine after machine to prepare an army to defend itself against the obvious threat from its creator.

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