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By: Level Lords on July 19, 2019

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Upside Dash is a one-touch dash and Space Invaders hybrid where the user must mix the right cards to tackle varying terrain. 

Manipulating their dash functionality with fresh tactics is the only way to survive, as challenging worlds present new orbits, gravity forces and speed. 



The game started out as a tiny block moving relentlessly through the air, seeing how fast it could go while maintaining some kind of social composure and dodging bricks flying towards it.

After countless attempts to modify the speed, gravity, size and shape of the block to make the game actually possible at varying settings, it eventually became clear this was going to be a real challenge, then the penny finally dropped... What if this is the game? and Upside Dash was born. 



Game trailer, various planets. 

Latest trailer 2018




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Switch between 1 million parallel universes.

Mix up to 16 upgrade cards at once to create the ultimate dash combo. 🔥

Unlock new alien worlds with varying speeds, orbit rotation and gravity forces.

 Defeat challenging enemy bosses.

Share your results with friends and climb the world scoreboard.

Addictive one-touch gameplay.

Shoot missiles, heat seeking lasers and more.

Discover up to 256 dash combinations. 🔥

Trance / Drum & Bass album for all intensive purposes.

Skip and replay your favorite music tracks.

Sync sound FX to music with the new Level Lords Sound-Q System.

Predictive camera styles and lots of options.

Play offline without internet.

5 difficulty levels.

Chilled and smooth or super fast adrenaline pumping speeds. 🔥

Easy to play, impossible to master!


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Level Lords Ltd was incorporated in early 2017 and finally has its first title for release with 2 other games on the horizon. These would have arrived much sooner if only there were more team members working here at Level Lords but rumor has it the CEO is still on the phone to Google sorting out accounts whilst smoothing pixels in photoshop and verifying the next drum n bass track playing in the background for Insanity world in Upside Dash.



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