AI Extreme

3082 AD
Sci-Fi Action Game

AI Extreme

3082 AD

Sci-fi action game 

New adventures are on the way for those who love  games with a touch of magic and  near impossible challange!

Travel through space and time in our new sci-fi gravity switcher.

Unlock new planets with strange and challenging orbits. Upgrade your character and mix action cards together to defeat enemy bosses that stand between you and your ultimate destination, the sun.

Upside Dash

Arcade Style Dash Game

Escape is your only hope to survive in this new fantasy platformer where you'l meet some seriously nasty creatures.

Upgrading your speed, strength and stamina is the only way you'l last long enough to discover the essential treasures that hold the secrets to finding your way out of the labyrinth.

Dragon Game

Platform Adventure 

War is on the rise between the ancient tombs of a long forgotten fortress that lies in the depths of Egypt. The exchange of gold for magical knowledge has become a common path to victory in this tower crushing strategy classic.     

Crucial Combat

Camps of Fire
Tower Defense Game 

Imagine you were just a computer program looking for a body to move. Jumping from machine to robot trying to find your destiny and save the world from it's own creation. You'l have to get creative if you're going to tackle the most advanced threat ever known to a far away solar system ultimately ruled by machines.

The Future is Here!

Something  is surly wrong  if machines are at war with their own creation!

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