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Video Policy - For Content Creators

Level Lords Ltd give our permission to anyone that wants to create, publish and monetize videos of any Level Lords game for use on websites like YouTube and Twitch. This policy includes both live-streams and pre-recorded video uploads. 

You're also welcome to create Let's Play videos, Reviews, How To Tutorials, Tips, Best Games of 2019 etc, and monetize them for your own benefit.

Recording & Monetizing Upside Dash

We recommend recording with just sound FX and adding your own music to the video content but if you record any of the in-game music from Upside Dash, be sure to list the relevant artists credits in the description of your video, as can be found in the Music Credits page from within the app on the Upside Dash title screen. 

Additional Info

You do not need to request any additional permission from Level Lords Ltd to create such content.

We reserve the right to update this policy without notice and liability. 

Please send any questions regarding this policy to

We love watching the gaming content you guys create so feel free to drop us a link at so we can subscribe for more.

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