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The ultimate gravity switching dash games have Just landed!

A single particle makes a dash to the sun in an adventure that will save the universe from complete chaos.


In Upside Dash you play as a part of the sun that must return back to its true source to restore the balance of gravity in a far away solar system that's  becoming unstable. 

Being a lost sun particle you've learnt the power to shift your force of gravity at will and mastering this one skill is crucial if you're to complete your mission and save the universe from being sucked into a worm whole that will crush the entire universe into extinction.

Rushing to the sun at a force governed by each planet's orbit you'l have to mix upgrade cards with the best strategy in mind to defeat the obstacles and enemies that stand in your path as you bolt through the atmosphere towards your destination.

Proceed with haste as you sprint passed the near impossible geometry of the planets. Travel to parallel universes with the flip of a switch to dodge insanely difficult levels when the going gets tough in this light speed gravity conquering dash game of 2018.  

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Upside Dash - Return To The Sun