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Upside Dash - Arcade Gravity Switcher

Here's the short trailer for our new gravity switch game, Upside Dash.

If you like light-speed dash games that flip upside down then be sure to check this out!

A particle makes a dash to the sun in an adventure that will save the universe from complete chaos.

In Upside Dash you play as a part of the sun that must return back to its true source to restore the balance of gravity in a far away solar system that's becoming unstable.

  • Mix up to 16 upgrade cards at any one time.

  • Switch to parallel universes.

  • Unlock 8 new worlds with different speeds, orbits and gravity forces.

  • Defeat challenging enemy bosses.

  • Dash, spin, flip and fly with a single touch.

  • Sound FX go to music with our new Level Lords Sound Q system.

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