Upside Dash - Gravity Switch Revolutions

Upside Dash is our one touch gravity switching dash game where you star as a particle trying to get back to it's source to save the solar system from being crushed by a force of gravity that will destroy the sun as it approaches the event horizon of the largest worm hole in outer-space. 

Upside Dash - The one touch gravity  switcher out soon for mobile. Mix up to 16 upgrade cards at a time to defeat enemy bosses  on 8 different  worlds.

If you like dash games then you'l love  Upside Dash.


Dash Games in Space with a Touch of Drum & Bass

Here's a sneak preview of the Upside dash game and world select screen. Each world's gravity force, speed and rotation is governed by the current planet's state of orbit. You'l have to get good at flipping and mixing the right upgrade cards to get over each planet's geometry as the terrain get's tricky.

Dash over 8 worlds, switch to parallel universes and fight enemy bosses on a light-speed adventure to save the sun. 

Upside Dash Game play & Video Trailers

Dash at 174 bpm with Level Lords New Sound-Q System

Check out some cool game-play videos of Upside Dash using our new Level Lords Sound-Q system that makes every thing you do sound in time with the music. In a light speed game like this, it's no wonder we picked trance / drum & bass as the game's music genre. 


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